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Friendship, what is your definition of a friend?

Someone who goes to work/school everyday with you? Someone who accompanies you for lunch break everyday? Or is it someone who invites you out for an overnight party even though you are having an important exam/work the next day?

Alot of us know whats the true definition of a friend, but we often forget about it. Until one day then you find out, the person who you defines as 'friend' is actually telling everyone around you your darkest secret.

Why do people often makes this kind of mistake?

Because we are creatures who is scare of the feeling of being lonely =)

'Friends - Is Someone Who Might Not Be Around To Share Your Happiness, But Is Someone Who Definitely Will Be Around To Share Your Troubles'

This is what I always believe in.

So, how many friends do you have in your life? how many of them actually hangs around during you most troubled days?

I can proudly say 'I HAVE 7 FRIENDS'
(p.s. my definition of close friends, good friends, best friends, buddies are all the same, 'FRIENDS')

5 of them joined me in my 'Life' when i was 13 years old, 2 of them came in when I was 17.
Not to mention, 1 out of 7 of them, has special meaning to me ('.-,)

'Friendship' doesnt just happen overnight, they accompanied me through important stages of life. They are the one whos around when I'm feeling down, they are the one who came over to me asking if I'm fine when I looked troubled.

Because of all these, which make me treasure these friendship alot, I believe friends are important in our lifes.

After all, I'm not trying say 'beware who you befriend with', haha.

But understand and keep in mind the true meaning of 'Friend'.

As a heart not only can be broken by someone you love, but also a friend whom you care for alot =)

Last but not least, treasure those around you as true friendship are hard to come by.

Thats all for today, take care, my friend (^_^)

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