Reality Is For People With No Imagination

Life Story by Daniel | Sunday, August 24, 2008 | 2 comments »

Sometimes people who live alone can't imagine anything different happening to them.

Maybe they live in a 1 bedroom apartment or small home.
They have meals on wheels at lunch-time, TV dinners at 5 p.m.
They watch the news at 6, maybe a favorite program at 7, and well you catch the drill.

That is their reality and maybe their favorite phrases are: 'That's just how it is' and ‘That's just the way I am’

Well, that's not the way it has to be.

They don't think anyone will ever come to see them, they'll never take a vacation, they don't ever have enough money for anything, their grand-kids never stop by, their kids haven't called all week, why don't they just sit here and silently wait for the other shoe to drop.
Well, that's not the way it has to be.

Next door is a lady or gentleman or couple that go out all the time.
They have company over often, they laugh and they enjoy life. Their grand-kids stop by, their children phone them often and they have a great conversation.

And they can't imagine not living this way!

What makes these two sets of people so different?
What makes them so different is how they view their reality!

Look again at the title: Reality Is For People Without Imagination.
Wouldn't you like to change your reality? Start expecting something better?

Do not worry, this change is nothing nothing drastic to start out with :)
Maybe just that the sun will shine today, the phone will ring (and it definitely won't be another salesman) or loved one will unexpectedly show up.

For a start, maybe you would like to spend the time you used every morning thinking "Today will be just another day" and begin saying "Everyday in every way I am better, better, and better."
Make it a habit and till you find yourself pulling out of the negative frame of "boring" mind, start switching to "I love myself and all creation!" (It may sound crazy but when you've accomplished it, you will feel a shift in your feelings, you'll find yourself smiling more, and you just might find that life is more enjoyable!)

But why not start "I love myself and all creation!" immediately?
The reason is simple, if you can't find yourself getting better and better everyday how could you love yourself and love every other things around you?
(The most important part is, you are getting better and better everyday through your experience. But there is a need to remind yourself to feel it)

Still can't understand how it really works?
Let us look it in another angle, the more logical way.

If every morning the first thing in your mind is what you've ALWAYS thought of, you will STAY exactly where you are, DOING exactly what you are doing, SEEING exactly the same people you are seeing now - which for some is NOBODY or even a meaningless life.

Alternatively you could spend 15 minutes a day (right before you've wake up would be nice and effective) just relaxing, stretching your bones and letting your brain rest.
During that time, say ONLY good thoughts to yourself.
Imagine, all your friends and loved ones are getting up at the same time and feeling the same loving thoughts.

Doesn't it feel better now comparing the every morning 'Life's so boring' routine?
The more time you spend being good to YOURSELF, the more you will attract good into YOUR life.

What was that title again?
REALITY (what you see in your life now and call reality) IS FOR PEOPLE WITH NO IMAGINATION.
Imagine yourself where you want to be, and LET the good things happen!

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  1. Anonymous // September 2, 2008 at 9:30 PM  

    It's true! But, sometimes people don't understand that you can love without limits or without expecting anything, and that that alone makes you happy, and they do or say things that put you down and hurt you so much that even make you doubt your feelings, and that is the worst thing. So, what do you do then?

  2. Lynn // November 22, 2008 at 2:48 PM  

    I totally agree with u ;) Let's try to make the world a little better, person by person... :D