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Love - a constellation of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection or profound oneness.

The meaning of Love varies relative to context.

Love can also be construed as Romantic Love, Platonic Love, Religious Love, Familial Love, and, more casually, great affection for anything considered strongly pleasurable, desirable, or preferred, to include activities and foods.

If you search the internet, the definition for Love is often classified it into types, such as passionate love, romantic love, and committed love.

These types of Love can often be generalized into a level of sexual attraction.

In common use, Love has two primary meanings, the first being an indication of adoration for another person or thing, and the second being a state of relational status.

So what is your definition of Love?

Many people believe Love is a sensation that magically generates when Mr. or Ms. Right appears.

This sensation is based on both physical and emotional attraction.

Which means this sensation that magically generates when Mr. or Ms. Right appears, can just as easily degenerate when the magic is “just isn’t there” anymore.

Then what is Love, real lasting Love?

This is what I always belief in - Love is the attachment that results from deeply appreciating another’s goodness.

Some of you may ask, what is this ‘goodness'?

I’ve known her as friend for 7 years, I’ve made her my Love 2 years ago (I'm still Loving her more and more as each day goes by).

Shes attractive, gorgeous, intelligent and its everything about her that attracts me.

But it’s the sense of happiness she gave me when we are together, that ‘moves me to Love’.

Of cause this isn’t the only factor or ‘goodness’ I see in this Love, but it’s definitely a ‘goodness’ I see which made me appriciate her a lot =)

Pretty or intelligent, theres always someone out there who will be prettier or more intelligent.

But there is no second person who can give me the same amount of happiness I’m feeling now.

Someone once told me, Love is passive and Love is something that can’t be create.

If Love comes from appreciating goodness, it need not ‘just happen’, you can make it happen.

You can create it by just forcusing on the good in another person (I’m sure everyone have some good in them).
By forcusing on good, you can Love almost anyone.

What is the purpose of creating Love?

There isn’t a couple who wont quarrel at all during their path of Love, as different people has different character and habits, it’s these differences that cause either minor or major conflict or argument (I prefer calling it argument rather than quarrel between couples).

Being able to forcus on the good of one another, helps us to understand and appreciate more of each other and forget about the differences.

Few years back I had a discussion with a group of friends, a discussion about Love and Relationships.

One of them mentioned something meaningful which i remember till today, In the path of Love, “Grass always seems greener on the other side, it depends a lot if you are able to find the greener ones in your yellow patch of grass”.

The more you understand and know about someone, the more faults you will see in him/her.

This indirectly make other people out there seems more attractive physically and emotionally.

How to find ‘the greener ones from your yellow patch of grass’?

I believe the best way to feel loving is to be loving, which means giving.

Care for the person you Love, show concern about things in his/her life and growth.

Respond to his/her expressed and unexpressed needs, especially emotionally.

Respect, the ability to see a person as he/she is, be aware of the person’s unique individuality and wanting that person to grow and unfold as he/she is.

The more you give, the more you Love.

This is why your parents (who’ve given you more than you’ll ever know) undoubtedly Love you more than you Love them, and you, in turn, will love your own children more than they'll love you.

Even a relationship with true Love needs to be maintain through continual, unconditional giving.

Love isn’t about saying “I Love You”, but showing it =)

Have you found your true Love yet?

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    Superb article I have ever read about love

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    yes, I do believe I have. Too bad I blew it.

    Awesome blog.