Whats Innovation?

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Last Thursday and Friday I went to a very interesting course, which I hope to share with all of my Friends here.

The name of the course is ‘GROW Your Ideas’.

Basically it’s a course which enables your skills for Innovation.

So what is Innovation?

From what I understand after the 2 long day, Innovation is the successful exploitation of new ideas and the enabling of people to have ideas and take positive action for change.

Many of us are too satisfied in our very own Comfort Zone to dare to make a change to our Life.

I believe some of you may have asked yourselves before, ‘Why must I do it like this?’ or ‘Why can’t I do it that way?’

Being Innovation is also being able or dare to make changes to interrupt our normal Life/Work flow.

Why I use the word ‘dare’, because not all changes will have a good outcome.

It’s because of these different possible outcomes; people are unable to step out of their Comfort Zone.

During the first day of the course, I asked this question ‘What’s the difference between being Creative and Innovative?’

Creative is the New or Unique ideas which many of us sometime thinks about, but didn't make it to work.

Innovative is putting our Creativity into good use.
Making changes to certain flow, starting a fresh use of the idea or exploit current things around us and turn it into something new.

But both Creativity and Innovative cannot be learn, they can only be inspired and bring it out of every one of us.

At times, we are trying to step out of our Comfort Zone and prepare to make a change, but suddenly there’s a ‘Road Block’ in front.

Let’s say at work, when we have a new suggestion to change certain things in the system or work flow.

The first reaction we get is ‘It’s too risky’, ‘Let’s get back to reality’ or It’s good, but…’

All these negative reaction made us think twice in future when we have another new idea or possible a radical idea.

Other typical of ‘Road Block’ is that there is lack of openness to new ideas in people around us, people normally attempt to measure results too soon for it to happen or there’s too much commitment to current work/things to try make it happen.

Worst are people are always having a tendency to talk about newness, but the walk is about feasibility.

What can we do to remove these ‘Road Block’?

In fact there’s nothing much we can do but to start off with ourselves.

When we hear new ideas from people, don’t straight away think about why it CAN’T work.

Think about why it CAN.

Learn to accept new ideas around us, even if it’s a real bad idea, think about how to improve it and make it into a good one.

There’s still a lot about this course, but if I put everything in this post, it might get too tiring to read.

If anyone interested in knowing more about it, feel free to request and I will come out with another post in detail.

Things such as Generating Ideas, Harvesting Ideas, Reinforcing Ideas and Overcoming Obstacles, Potential Problems and Risk.

So, ready to make change for a better in Life with me?

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  1. Jaime Garcia // November 23, 2007 at 2:39 AM  

    Amigo, tienes unas excelentes fotografias en tu blog, es una lástima que mi nivel de inglés no me permita apreciar totalmente tus post.