You Can Be A Hero Too

Life Story by Daniel | Tuesday, January 29, 2008 | 1 comments »

Have you watched the TV series Heroes?

Isn’t it great to have super powers and being able to solve troubles and problems when situation comes up?

Do you know there’s a Hero living in everyone of us?
You do can solve troubles and problems when situation comes up!

Of course, I don’t mean situations like bank robbery or terrorist appearing.

Have you ever been in a meeting where you are all trying to come up with a solution, but no one can?
Everyone is looking at their papers, or gazing into space, shaking their head in puzzlement.
No one knows the answer, everyone is stuck, and they’re pretty sure they’re not going to come up with one any time soon.

Suddenly you stood up, with confidence, and starts to provide a different view to the situation. Different types of solutions and ideas just kept flowing out of you.
Your boss is impressed, you colleagues are thinking ‘He’s the man’ and you’re the Hero who saved this meeting!

It may sound like a dream, but why dream on it when you can actually make it into reality?

Here’s a technique I’ve learn on how to ‘Unstuck’ yourself which I think it might be interesting and useful to share =)

This technique consists of 6 words: ‘Associate’, ‘Combination’, ‘Rearrange’, ‘Adapt’, ‘Substitute’ and ‘Magnify’.

Often we got stuck because our mind is blank. To get yourself Unstuck, you must first clear off this ‘blank’ and get your brain ‘engine’ started.
Look at your problem, what can you ‘Associate’ it with that might help?
People, an item, time, date or an animal.
Let your imagination run wild, main objective is to get your brain working.

Once you sense your brain juice flowing, it’s time to ‘Combine’.
Can you ‘Combine’ with your problem or parts of it so it will change completely?
Taking out different parts of the problem and Combining it with your day to day work issues, do you have a clearer direction or purpose of where you’re going now?

Now take these different parts of the problem and ‘Rearrange’ it into a different manner. Try to see the same old situation from a different point of view and something new might strike off.

‘Adapt’, what can you ‘Adapt’ into your problem or part of it to make it works?
A new system, management or even slogan might make it work better.

‘Substitute’ it back to the same old point of view, does this solution still works?

Lastly, ‘Magnify’ every piece of your problem so you can see it clearer. Looking at it carefully, which part should be more priorities?
You can even run through ‘Associate’, ‘Combination’, ‘Rearrange’, ‘Adapt’ and ‘Substitute’ for these priority parts and find a better solution.

I dare not guarantee that it will work for everybody, but it’s definitely a good way to get your ‘blank’ brain started.

After all, it’s better than these 6 words ‘I don’t know what to do’ isn’t it? =)

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Planning Your Funeral

Life Story by Daniel | Wednesday, January 23, 2008 | 4 comments »

People are always learning how to live their life successfully.

But no matter how successful you gonna live, it will still comes to an end.

If you’re successful in living your life, what about your death? Should you be successful about it too?

You might think that I’m crazy, ‘Who can be successful when they die’.

Think again, if death is the one last thing you can do in your successful life, why not make this your last opportunity to make your last contribution?

Are you gonna die soon?

No one knows, it’s a difficult question.

But why not get prepared regardless of when that time comes?

I’m sure there are people who think others SHOULD or HAVE TO grieve at their funeral.
People should be sad about their death and remember it for the rest of their lives.
If you feel they must, this article isn’t for you.

Start imaging people coming to your funeral.
They must be pretty upset aren’t they?

What do you think?
Should you do what you can to help them get through this, or should you just let them grieve?

Let’s remember that grieving is an individual process.
Everyone does it differently.
You will, too, when someone dies and leaves you to go to his or her funeral.
You will just have to face your life the next day without them.

Does this seem to be a nice last journey for you?

Why should people suffer at a funeral?

I understand the seriousness of dying and mourning, but are you going to have sad thoughts or good thoughts about it?

I believe good thoughts will help the person’s soul to continue on its journey, and bad thoughts don’t.

Funerals, what’s the real purpose of having one other than just sending the person for his or her last journey?

Especially for those long funerals, would you like your family to mourn over your death for many days?
If really needed, personally I would rather have a long reception with planned socializing.
Why not plan something that encourages togetherness, so people who care for you know they aren’t alone?

We are all going to die and we can take charge of our own funeral if we want to.
We can have our funeral set the pace for our loved ones while still being sensitive to their needs.

I’m not saying a funeral isn’t important, but in fact it’s an important experience because normally people don’t cry their hearts out during the funeral.
They have live their life as usual the next day but with the memory of it carry with them.
It’s not easy.

It is up to the person who has passed away to do what they can ahead of time to make sure their funeral sets the right pace, to make sure the memory doesn’t hurt any more than it has to.

This article may seem purely irrelevant to our lives right now, but since it is death, it isn’t irrelevant till the day come.

'We need to start living our lives as successfully as we know how. We need to direct our deaths as successfully as we know how, so the living can get on with their lives. This is only the beginning of what we can do to help them.'

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You’re gonna die anyway!

Life Story by Daniel | Monday, January 21, 2008 | 3 comments »

"You've gonna die from something sooner or later. May as well be what you eat, so eat what you like." I hear this all the time, especially from the older generations.

Sounds Ironic isn’t it?

Instead of choosing way to live, people are actually choosing their way to die.

Just like some people who smoke, they often have the same type of logic “I’m gonna die from something, I’ll might as well enjoy my journey”

People are actually picking a way to die.

Forgetting the fact that if they didn't eat all that cholesterol-laden food they could add years to their lives.

Forgetting the fact that if they didn't put all that nicotine in their lungs and body they could add even more years to their life.

Forgetting the fact that it's just plain dumb to think about a good way to die.

There’s no good way to die.
There’s only pain and suffering, not only for them but their families too.

I understand, sometimes there’s a lot of work and discipline to give up all these bad habits.

But hard work pays off well and has it’s own rewards.
Most importantly, the reward of spending healthy life with you families, children and even grandchildren.

I’ve seen relative lying sickly on bed for the rest of their life after retirement.
Do you want to end up having sick and weak life to spend with your families? And with no doubt they will either pity you or ignore you.

Sometimes you might hear people saying ‘I don’t feel good’.
What’s next?
Nothing is being done, nothing is being follow up.
“I'll get around to it later.” That’s what they’re thinking.
And they just get sicker and sicker because they are ignoring the signs.

Often you will find Insurance Company or Investment Company advertisement with this slogan ‘Your retirement years depend on what you do right now.’
It maybe just an advertisement, but nothing is truer than this sentence.

Why not start getting control of your life now?

When you’re are worried about your health, why not approach a doctor now?
Get whatever needs to be done fixed, so you can get on with your life without any worries.

Either you take charge of your health right now, or your health will take charge of you in years to come.

Isn’t it easier to accomplish things in life when you have nothing to worry about?
Life is meant to live with a smile and hopes, not tears and troubles.

Choose how you are going to live, not how you are going to die.

If you have friends who chose how to die rather than live, let them understand,
‘Sometimes dying seems to take much longer than living.’

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Are You Happy?

Life Story by Daniel | Monday, January 14, 2008 | 5 comments »

Are you happy?

If you aren’t, why?

Can you figure out why?
There must be a reason for one to be not feeling happy.

Wouldn’t it be good to know the reason of you being unhappy and fix it?

No one would ever live till the age of 80 or 90, looking back in their life and say ‘Oh man, I wish I could be more unhappier’.

No one dislikes the feeling of happy.

Unhappy people lose just everything in life, except getting unhappier.
All these opportunities of getting happy in life, all these opportunities of making you and your loved ones happy are just gonna passed by you.

Do you want to live till the age of 80 looking back in life while realizing that you’ve lost most out of your life?

Young or old, it’s never too late to start changing for a better.
Especially when you realize that when you are happy, you will live longer and be more productive.

Maybe you don’t feel lovable, attractive or rich.
Maybe the life you’re having now isn’t what you’ve really have mind.
No matter what you do, you simply just can’t change it and you’ve given up trying.

But still, wouldn’t you like to be happy?

Give yourself a chance, give happy a chance to form in your life.

Learn to be less judgment for the things or people that we care for.
Learn to accept them the way they are.
Learn to understand that everything in this world is unique in nature.

Often you might read a lot of motivational tips or tricks online.

Do they really work for you?

There’s no tip or trick in feeling happy.
Every one of us is born to be and feel happy.

What’s the point of forcing yourself saying ‘I am so happy’ when you know it won’t really work.

Rather than wasting time on such meaningless motivational tip or trick, why not make full use of the time to do a little something meaningful for yourself?

Here are some things that I find meaningful to do day to day:

1. People often say ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Whenever you know a good joke, why not share it with your friends or family? Learn to share laughter with people you love and you too will find the sense of happy within you.

2. Learn to express how you feel. Learn to show affection and warmth to the people around you. Treat people the way you want to be treated. Remember that ‘You harvest what you sow’.

3. Working hard creates an enormous sense of satisfaction. Especially when you’ve completed a certain difficult task, giving you the sense of feeling that you are capable to accomplish things.

4. Each individual feels energized, good and warm about oneself after helping another person. Be a practical or financial help to someone or see how you can otherwise contribute to society. The more positive energy you put out into the world, the more you will receive in return.

5. Lastly, and most importantly. Learn to be grateful for things that happened around you in life. Take sometime every day to think about things that is good in life. Take some time to specially thank the cook for preparing you that wonderful dinner, thank the taxi driver or the friend who drove you home safely, thank the dustman for taking away your garbage, thank the mailman for bringing you your mail each day. Learn to understand that not everyone in this world is as fortunate as you are to have so many good things to happen in life.

Often people are so concerned with adding the days to their life that they forgot to add life to their days.

Remember this:
The Past is History.
The Future is a Mystery.
The only Time we have is Now, Just this Moment.

Hope this post will make you feel happier =)

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It's Never Too Late For Love

Life Story by Daniel | Saturday, January 05, 2008 | 2 comments »

I want it.
I want to claim a love for myself.
A love that is felt beyond a shadow of a doubt.
I want to be a craving that can’t be satisfied, a thirst that can’t be quenched.
I think I want to live either in a country music song or a movie.
They make it seem like you can just have it, no big deal.
If only we could say "cut – do it again".

I took love for granted.
I thought it came to all of us.
That we naturally grow up, fall in love, and live happily ever after.

As much as I scorn the movie industry or songs on the radio that portray a dream-like world I find myself wishing to have such a mystical experience.

Like how many times is a woman kissed, in real life, with a man caressing her face? Or how many people take time out of their hectic day to stop and appreciate the loved ones in their lives?
And you almost never see couples living their lives as if today were their last.

How often does a man and woman enjoy sharing an intimate experience realizing all the levels of sharing there is to be enjoyed?
Do they see into one another’s soul?
Do they truly communicate on every channel?

I want to propose a thought – what if tomorrow never came?
How many regrets would you have?
Would your list include – waking up in the morning with your loved one but you didn’t say "good morning" and share precious time cuddling.

I can’t think of a better way to start a day.
Nope, you probably jumped up running late for work and were lucky to offer a few grunts as you scurried around the house.

There’s tonight or tomorrow to spend that quality moment with the one I care about – right?
Your list of regrets may include, but not limited to, taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, sewing the button back on his work shirt, carrying out any number of domestic promises.
They are important but I don’t think they’d rank up in the category of regret if tomorrow never comes?

I would regret parting without saying, "I love you".
I would yearn for one more hug, kiss, cuddle, shared laugh, deep conversation.
I would regret if the person I love were to leave this place without knowing that I cherished her and loved her with all my heart.

There is so much uncertainty in this world – does it have to affect our relationships too?
I don’t believe so.

For me, I live as if today could be my last.
I don’t assume I’ll have unlimited days to feel, experience, share all that I want with the ones I care about.

Sometimes hearing and feeling how loved I am can make all the difference in my day.

It hurts, literally, to see people taking for granted what they have.

I wish there were a magic wand I could wave over the world and have everyone stop, reflect, love and be sure to enjoy the many blessings love bestows upon us.
I wish I could say its never too late – but it could be one of these days.

This article is for my Love who's currently overseas.

Just wanted to let her know...

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Life Story by Daniel | Wednesday, January 02, 2008 | 2 comments »

Did you know that the feeling of pain is a result of what you are focusing on?

Although you have pain because you are hurt, but you feel it because you are focusing on it.

Have you ever been cut and didn’t realize it at first?
But when you did realize it, it started to hurt.
Whereas it hadn’t until you realized you were cut.

Once you realize you’ve been cut, what are you focusing on? The cut, right?

Have you ever watched a child hurt themselves, but when they were in the middle of play they didn’t realize it?
When they were done playing and they came in the house, after noticing that there was a big bruise or maybe some blood, they started hurting.

What does that mean?
It means people often needs a visual set of sub modalities before they can feel that particular pain.
The visual set of sub modalities for this case is the painful area.
They 'saw' it, it represented hurt, so they 'felt' the pain.
It's not that people don’t get hurt, but there are times they don’t know they are hurt.

Sub modalities, or what people often call it as the volume control for emotion.

What about non-physical pain?

When you are with someone who's hurt or heart broken, would you automatically divert their attention to get their mind off the pain?
While the person was totally focused on other things, they more or less, forgot about the pain.

This is because they are having a different set of sub modalities and during that point of time.

If sub modalities is the volume control for emotion, what creates emotion?

2 key factor of emotion is what we experience physically and mentally.

Physically as our sense of hear, feel, smell, see, or taste.
(Sense of feel could be actual touching or how you feel physically)

Mentally as our past experiences or memories, good or bad ones.

Now we know more about sub modalities, what's next?

Understanding all these, it's now time to take control of your sub modalities.

Pain usually don't happen for no reason.
It happen to signal that something is wrong.

There's a cut on your hand, the pain is there to signal that something is wrong.
What would you do?
Stop the bleeding, apply medication or bandage it up.

You are doing something to fix the pain.

Sometimes although you know there's something wrong and you correct it, but you still keep feeling the pain.


The cause of the pain might be what you see than what you feel or know.
In simpler words, something that you see may have much more impact on you than you feel or know.

Recognizing and changing your sub modalities is the main key to control it.

Refuse to feel pain, and change your sub modalities so that you don’t.

If you are in a lot of pain, have someone talk you through it.

If you know someone who suffers and want to work with them on it, lead them to this article.

Pain is a symptom that something is happening within your body.

Recognize the symptom for what it is, do something about it.
Do something about your sub modalities so you don’t have to feel the pain.

Make sure your doctor takes care of your body, while you do everything you can to take care of your pain =)

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