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Family, no matter who you are, every one of us has a family.

No matter close or distant, good or bad relationship, they still play an important role in our life.

For me, I appreciate my family a lot, especially my parents.

They are just a like typical parent, who is willing to do anything just for the sake of my future (or should I say, for me to have a bright future).

I have an elder sister, a distant one in fact.

Last time I used to hate a lot about my family, especially my sister.

Elder siblings are supposed to play a good role/example for the younger one isn’t it?
But my elder sister never!

Because of her, my parent never give me a second chance in life, mostly in terms of studies.

She turned rebellious; flunk her grades, but my parents kept giving her a never ending second chance.
They support her through her studies no matter what.

What about me?

All I get is ‘If you never make it, you can just forget about it’.

Because of these, I made a promise to myself; I will prove to other people I will make it no matter what. No matter how difficult it will be, I will never allow myself to ask for a second chance.

And I did make it; in fact I can proudly say that I didn’t let my parents down.

This is when, I really understand, understand the true purpose of my parent for treating me like this during that time.

They truly hope I won’t follow my elder sister foot step, which made them come to a decision that they couldn’t pampered me just like what they did to my elder sister.

Since then, I no longer hate them for what they did that time, but I’m very grateful for it. If not for those words, I won’t really put my effort into my studies as I’m very playful during that period of time.

I’m grateful to my elder sister too, why?
Because, she let me understand what is the result of making certain mistake in life, so that I won’t follow it. (Although she’s a much better person now)

A lot of us often misunderstand the true meaning behind the things that our parent had done for us.

Try to be in their shoes thinking, maybe it will help (^_^)

Sometime we might find them naggy (although can be quite a nuisance sometimes, haha), but with just a word of assurance like ‘Don’t worry, I’ll be fine’ with a smile on your face, can make them feel much better and understand that you are actually growing up.

It’s a fact and everyone has to face it; our parents will be gone someday.
They can’t be staying by our side forever, so spend more time with them, communicate more with them.

Learn to appreciate things around you before it’s gone.

By then, regret is too late.

As I always believe ‘Leave no room in Life for any regrets’.

So, when is the last time you told your parent ‘I Love You’?

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