The Last Day

Life Story by Daniel | Monday, December 31, 2007 | 0 comments »

31st of Dec 2007, the last day of year 2007.

For many of you out there, today might be just another day of party, another day of celebration.

But what is the purpose of all these parties and celebrations?
What does last day of year 2007 means to you?

New Year Eve, a day where it's suppose to be a joyous, full of laughter and happiness of family and friends get together.

But for me, and my family, today is not really that joyous.

Two of my relative are currently lying in the hospital.

One of them lying unconscious in the Medical Intensive Care Unit since Monday due to Viral Infection to the lungs.
Another who is currently awaiting for a Heart Operation which will start this afternoon.

Previously I've mentioned about fear of death, but after visiting both of them yesterday, I'm starting to see death in a different angle.


You've been healthy for almost 30 years of your life.
One fine day you feel some aching on your back, so you've decided to see a doctor thinking it might be some sprain on it.
After some checking, the doctor suddenly tells you 'I think you might have a kidney failure'.

You must be thinking that the doctor is crazy during that instant.
But before you know it, you are already sitting there having your regular Kidney Dialysis in the hospital.

What can be worst?

You are on your way home after your routine dialysis.
Suddenly you feel breathless and you could feel your heart beating abnormally.
"Man, must be those dumb Dialysis session that have cause this" you said to yourself.

After visiting the hospital about your situation, you got this news from the doctor.
"Do you know you almost have a heart attack?".

Can you imagine every single hope is taken away from you one by one?

This is what he said when we visited him yesterday.

"I've chosen to have this operation. I've given enough trouble for my family, I've been enough burden to my family.
All my sons is unwilling to travel overseas for work or for holiday because of me. My wife have to accompany me wherever I go because I might have heart attack anytime.

Yesterday the Doctor in-charge told me that my danger of this operation is twice of normal person. I might die in the operation. But I'll still be going for it.

Either I survive and lesser the burden to my family.
Or I'll just leave this world and after my funeral, my family will be free for all troubles and go wherever they want to go."

My mum cried upon hearing it, and my dad kept encouraging him to think positively.

I too, can feel tears coming out of my eyes.

He had chosen death as one of his choice to 'free' his family.

What makes a person to come towards such decision?
Shouldn't everyone be striving hard to keep alive and live it with meaning?

But once you think in his position, I believe majority of us out here, will make the same choice.

Some people are left with no choice, no hope to be alive.
And yet there are people who's totally healthy, who got a loving family but kept thinking of death.

These people often says "You will never understand how I feel".
But do you ever understand how a person feels to be taken away of all hopes of staying alive?

Try paying a visit to the hospital, do those people chose to be there?

Why fear death since it will come sooner or later?

Instead of wasting time in the fear, why not make full use of the time you have and live life to the fullest.
After all, we wouldn't know how much time we are left with.

Treasure all your family member and friends around you.
No one knows what will happen the next moment.

'Live as if you will die tomorrow, Dream as if you live forever'

Do pray with me, for all these people out there.
People who had fallen against the fight of illness.

Hoping that they will win this battle, win this battle that might last even for life.

Last but not least, I dedicate this post to both of my relative.
Hoping that one will wake up and be healthy again soon, and the other to have a successful surgery.

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Mommy, I had a bad dream

Life Story by Daniel | Wednesday, December 26, 2007 | 2 comments »

'Mommy, I had a bad dream…'

Does this sentence sound familiar?

This is what we used to tell our mum whenever we had nightmares when we are young.


How often do you have one?

I've just had one last night, and in fact, I often had nightmares.

Nightmares are unpleasant dreams that awaken a dreamer from sleep.

Often I will just sit up, panting and wondering if what had happened in my dream was real.

What kind of nightmares do you normally have?

Last night, I dream about being chase, by what I do not know either.

In my dream, I just kept running, climbing and finding place to hide.

If dream reflects about what's happening in life, does it mean I'm running or hiding from something in life?

'Chase dreams may represent your way of coping with fears, stress or various situations in your waking life.'

Instead of confronting the situation, I'm actually running away and avoiding it?

If dream reflects about what I fear or sad about in life.

Maybe I should ask myself 'who' is the one chasing me and gain some understanding on the source of my fears and pressure.

Falling dreams are another theme that is quite common in the world of dreams.

Sometimes people will just wake up when they are 'falling', in fact the feeling of 'falling' is so real that it cause people to wake up.
We feel our whole body jerk or twitch and we awaken from this jerk.

'Falling is an indication of insecurities, instabilities, and anxieties. You are feeling overwhelmed and out of control in some situation in your waking life.

Falling dreams also often reflect a sense of failure or inferiority in some circumstance or situation. It may be the fear of failing in your job/school, loss of status, or failure in love.'

In fact, all these are just signs of lack-of-confidence.

If you often have such dream, believe more in yourself.
Take pride in everything you do, and don't feel ashame if you are not able to compare up to others.
Everyone in this world exist for a purpose, you have your strong points too. (Although you might not discover it yet)

We all have had nightmares at various parts in our lives. They are quite normal.

The distinction of a nightmare from dreams is its frightening and/or emotional content.

You tend to wake up in fear in the midst of a nightmare.
Because of its frightening nature, you tend to remember your nightmares and the vivid details.

They have a bigger impact upon your waking mind and its images stay with you throughout the day.
(Mine often did, and I'll be moody for the day)

But don't hate it, in fact if there's a reason for everything that exist in this world, there must be one too for nightmare.

One reason that I always belief in is, nightmares may be a way of our unconscious to get our attention about a situation or problem that we have been avoiding.

It is time to take notice and confront the problem or situation!

Nightmares serve an important purpose in showing you what is troubling you from within you deeper levels.

Don't be afraid of nightmares.

Discussing, analyzing, and understanding your nightmares can lead to a solution for some problem, internal conflict or personal difficulty.

By doing it might also helped in improving your day to day life.

So what did you dream about last night?

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Do You Live In A Jar?

Life Story by Daniel | Friday, December 21, 2007 | 1 comments »

If you put a grasshopper in a jar and put a lid on it, the grasshopper will try to jump out.

He will only try, though, until he realizes he can’t, and then he will stop.

Smart grasshopper, isn't it?

A couple days later, you take the lid off, he still won’t jump.


Because he 'knows' he can’t get out.

It’s the same way when a baby elephant is chained to a stump.

When the baby elephant is small, it can’t pull the chain loose.

Later, when it grew up and big, it can.

But it won’t.

Why? Because it 'knows' it can’t.

Both the grasshopper and the elephant are wrong, aren’t they?

What is it in your life that you might be wrong about or feel you are chained to?

Is the lid off and you don’t even know it?

When you were little, you may have said to yourself 'I can’t do it' when it came to reaching for things, riding a bike, running fast or singing in front of a crowd.

Now you are older.
You can do all those things, and more.

You didn’t think you could learn, didn’t think you could be strong, didn’t think your opinion mattered.

But now do you realize that you can learn, you can be strong, your opinion does matter?

What are the things in your life that you think you still 'can’t' do?

Check it out thoroughly.

Are you still right and really can’t do it?
Or do you realize there is a possibility that you could be wrong?
That you could have been wrong all these years, that now you can do it.

Why not take a look at everything you do in your life right now.

What is happening?

Are your eyes opening wider?

Some of the things that you often say to yourself don’t really apply anymore, like they did when you were little, do they?

Then why are you still saying them?

Look at all those poor grasshoppers that stuck in a jar.
They won’t even try to get out.

Do you want to be like them for the rest of your life?

Why not try something different every day?

You may or may not succeed.

But in no time you’ll find a new way to look at things and new ways to succeed.

Take the lid off.

Live life, love life.

Succeed through striving and not fail through retreating into old habits.

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I Do Not Want This To Happen!

Life Story by Daniel | Monday, December 03, 2007 | 8 comments »

Recently I came across a very interesting article which I hope to share with my Buen Amigo =)

The experts say that your unconscious doesn't pay attention to the negating factor, the 'NOT', in sentences like the title of this post.

Knowing that, do any of these following scenarios pertain to you and your thoughts?

Someone you know has fallen on some bad times, and their business goes under.
Do you find yourself thinking, "Oh, I hope that doesn't happen to me."

An older person you know has fallen and broken her hip, and you see how much pain she's in.
Do you find yourself thinking, "Oh, I hope that doesn't happen to me."

You watch the news and see that a person was high-jacked, that some people were injured in an earth quake, that someone was killed in a driveby shooting.
"Oh, I hope that doesn't happen to me." Or even, "I'm glad that's not me."

Your unconscious doesn't pay attention to the negating factor, the 'NOT'.

That being the case, what are you continually saying to yourself, if you say the above sentences?
Take the NOT out and see what you may have said to yourself more times than you can count. "Oh, I hope that does happen to me!"

That may not be what you were thinking, but it is what your unconscious mind was hearing.

If you tell a two-year-old, "Don't eat that cookie."

What is the two-year-old hearing? "Eat that cookie!"
(Actually, the two-year-old just hears cookie. That's what his mind is focused on.)

If you say to yourself, "I'm not going to eat that second piece of cake" what are you hearing? "I'm going to eat that second piece of cake."
(Your mind is actually focused on the object you are thinking about.)

That is usually proven by the fact that you do eat that second piece of cake.

Change your life around.

If you find yourself saying anything like the above sentences, the minute you realize you are about to say it, change it to "I am so happy I am safe." Or, "I am so happy I am healthy."

If you feel you are being selfish saying that, in light of other people's bad fortune, change it.

How about "I am so happy I am healthy, and they (whoever you had read or heard about) are getting better and better."

Watch the words you say.

If they aren't stating something you would like, change them until they do.

Take charge of your future.

Make sure the words you are saying aren't describing your yesterdays.

Make sure they are forecasting the tomorrows you want.

Try it out and you might get unexpected result =)

How about if you try it out right now?

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