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An expert say, body language is not the same for men and women.

Women are most turned on by a man who uses his eyes to say: I am interested in you.

Men on the other hand are most aroused by a woman with a suggestive, seductive or flirtatious walk.

Interesting isn’t it?

After the first meeting, it takes only seven seconds for us to know whether we find the other person sexy or not.

In that time, he has scanned her body completely before returning his gaze to her face, and she has made up her mind by concentrating on his eyes and lips.

So what is your body telling the opposite sex?

A lot of us may not know it, by using the right body language; you can give yourself self-confidence a boost!

When you are displaying confidence signals: assertiveness, control, dominance – you’re bound to feel more confident.

The hand-on-hips stance will signal an aggressive attitude.

When you’re seated, then lean forward with both hands on your knees; it conveys the idea that you’re confident and ready.

By knowing the right body language to show is especially helpful in certain situation.

During a job interview, don’t fold or cross your arms; this signals defensiveness, not confidence.
Even crossing one arm over your body to hold the other or fiddling with a watch, ring, bracelet or handbag reveal a lack of confidence and should be avoided.

When talking to someone you like, always keep your hands away from your head or face; covering your mouth, touching your nose, rubbing your ears and eyes and scratching your neck all signal impatience or anxiety.
It might even diminish confidence in you.

How can body language help build our confidence?

Display your thumbs! Use you palm power! Stake out your territory!

Thumbs displayed over pockets, belts or jacket labels signal dominance or superiority.

Use the palm power, be the first to extend your hand in greeting. Taking initiative is a ‘take charge’ signal.

There might be situation or conversation that we don’t have any confidence no matter how we ‘Brain-Wash’ ourselves.

This is where ‘Stake out your territory!’ comes in.

Lean against something that belongs to other people, such as desk or filing cabinet. This is one way of showing and establishing confidence.

So how can we know if that other person likes us?

Always keep a look-out for the following signs:
- Eye contact.
- An open, comfortable posture, instead of crossed hands before the chest.
- Special Gestures such as tossing hair, licking lips, and eyes that open wider.

So look a look out for these signs, and hope you will find your someone 'Special' =)

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