You’re gonna die anyway!

Life Story by Daniel | Monday, January 21, 2008 | 3 comments »

"You've gonna die from something sooner or later. May as well be what you eat, so eat what you like." I hear this all the time, especially from the older generations.

Sounds Ironic isn’t it?

Instead of choosing way to live, people are actually choosing their way to die.

Just like some people who smoke, they often have the same type of logic “I’m gonna die from something, I’ll might as well enjoy my journey”

People are actually picking a way to die.

Forgetting the fact that if they didn't eat all that cholesterol-laden food they could add years to their lives.

Forgetting the fact that if they didn't put all that nicotine in their lungs and body they could add even more years to their life.

Forgetting the fact that it's just plain dumb to think about a good way to die.

There’s no good way to die.
There’s only pain and suffering, not only for them but their families too.

I understand, sometimes there’s a lot of work and discipline to give up all these bad habits.

But hard work pays off well and has it’s own rewards.
Most importantly, the reward of spending healthy life with you families, children and even grandchildren.

I’ve seen relative lying sickly on bed for the rest of their life after retirement.
Do you want to end up having sick and weak life to spend with your families? And with no doubt they will either pity you or ignore you.

Sometimes you might hear people saying ‘I don’t feel good’.
What’s next?
Nothing is being done, nothing is being follow up.
“I'll get around to it later.” That’s what they’re thinking.
And they just get sicker and sicker because they are ignoring the signs.

Often you will find Insurance Company or Investment Company advertisement with this slogan ‘Your retirement years depend on what you do right now.’
It maybe just an advertisement, but nothing is truer than this sentence.

Why not start getting control of your life now?

When you’re are worried about your health, why not approach a doctor now?
Get whatever needs to be done fixed, so you can get on with your life without any worries.

Either you take charge of your health right now, or your health will take charge of you in years to come.

Isn’t it easier to accomplish things in life when you have nothing to worry about?
Life is meant to live with a smile and hopes, not tears and troubles.

Choose how you are going to live, not how you are going to die.

If you have friends who chose how to die rather than live, let them understand,
‘Sometimes dying seems to take much longer than living.’

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  1. Anita // January 21, 2008 at 3:58 PM  

    reading your post makes me think about something... I always be just like the first line of your post... I don't care about that much anyway ~ just enjoy though...
    but now... I do think that I have to take care of my health more ~
    so~ gotta make a decision!!(also control my diet!!)

  2. lilyruth // January 21, 2008 at 4:31 PM  

    Im one of these people who are always saying this I eat what I want and smoke alot and now that Im truely ill I still feel this way my time comes when it comes. But I give you credit for writing such a good article it did give me something to think about for awhile. Smile I guess I just do not learn but I do hope others will take your advice and listen if they care about their life. I care BUT...

  3. jollyjo // January 22, 2008 at 7:46 AM  

    Nice post...I find sometimes that taking charge is easy, it's the follow up and consistency that many of us struggle with.