Is This Life?

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'A powerful aftershock in southwest China has killed at least six people and levelled thousands of buildings in a region already devastated by the Sichuan earthquake.'

I couldn't remember the number of times I've seen news regarding Sichuan earthquake on television, internet or newspapers.

It seems like everyday something new or something sad happened.

Sitting on my bed, watching Sichuan earthquake charity event on television.

Listening to all the sad stories and invites for donation.

I'm starting to wonder, is this life?

We might lead a totally different Life at different parts of the world.

But we both experienced Birth and will go through Death one day.
(If you're able to escape Death, do let me know as I'm interested to learn too =P)

'Birth, Age, Illness and Death is the cycle of Life that everyone must go through'

What about those people who died in the earthquake?

When people experienced age or illness, they'll 'prepare for death' by doing something meaningful in their Life.
But for those people who died in the earthquake, they might not even notice what happened the second before they died.

What will you do if you know you'll die tomorrow?
You definitely spend time with your loved ones, telling them how much you love them and how much you'll miss them.

But the problem is, we'll never know when we're going to die.

'There's aways tomorrow to have dinner with my family'
'There'll be another day to tell my parent I love them'

What if there's no another day, tomorrow or even another minute?

If there's afterlife, how would we feel if we die without doing all these?
We'll die with lots of regrets in our heart.

'Live as if you'll die tomorrow, Dream as if you'll live forever'

Pick up a phone, call your loved ones and tell them how much you love them.
How much of your time would it take?

Make a appointment with your parent, bring them out for dinner tonight.
We all need to eat do we? What not make this 'eating session' more meaningful?

Let us pray for those missing due to the earthquake.
Pray for their safety and hope aid will reach them soon.
Pray for the injured physically and emotionally.
Pray for them the pain will go away soon.

Do help provide aid and support in anyway which is within your capability.

If there's no means of donation available in your country, do feel free to drop by for donations.

Thanks a million Buen Amigo.

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