The Last Day

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31st of Dec 2007, the last day of year 2007.

For many of you out there, today might be just another day of party, another day of celebration.

But what is the purpose of all these parties and celebrations?
What does last day of year 2007 means to you?

New Year Eve, a day where it's suppose to be a joyous, full of laughter and happiness of family and friends get together.

But for me, and my family, today is not really that joyous.

Two of my relative are currently lying in the hospital.

One of them lying unconscious in the Medical Intensive Care Unit since Monday due to Viral Infection to the lungs.
Another who is currently awaiting for a Heart Operation which will start this afternoon.

Previously I've mentioned about fear of death, but after visiting both of them yesterday, I'm starting to see death in a different angle.


You've been healthy for almost 30 years of your life.
One fine day you feel some aching on your back, so you've decided to see a doctor thinking it might be some sprain on it.
After some checking, the doctor suddenly tells you 'I think you might have a kidney failure'.

You must be thinking that the doctor is crazy during that instant.
But before you know it, you are already sitting there having your regular Kidney Dialysis in the hospital.

What can be worst?

You are on your way home after your routine dialysis.
Suddenly you feel breathless and you could feel your heart beating abnormally.
"Man, must be those dumb Dialysis session that have cause this" you said to yourself.

After visiting the hospital about your situation, you got this news from the doctor.
"Do you know you almost have a heart attack?".

Can you imagine every single hope is taken away from you one by one?

This is what he said when we visited him yesterday.

"I've chosen to have this operation. I've given enough trouble for my family, I've been enough burden to my family.
All my sons is unwilling to travel overseas for work or for holiday because of me. My wife have to accompany me wherever I go because I might have heart attack anytime.

Yesterday the Doctor in-charge told me that my danger of this operation is twice of normal person. I might die in the operation. But I'll still be going for it.

Either I survive and lesser the burden to my family.
Or I'll just leave this world and after my funeral, my family will be free for all troubles and go wherever they want to go."

My mum cried upon hearing it, and my dad kept encouraging him to think positively.

I too, can feel tears coming out of my eyes.

He had chosen death as one of his choice to 'free' his family.

What makes a person to come towards such decision?
Shouldn't everyone be striving hard to keep alive and live it with meaning?

But once you think in his position, I believe majority of us out here, will make the same choice.

Some people are left with no choice, no hope to be alive.
And yet there are people who's totally healthy, who got a loving family but kept thinking of death.

These people often says "You will never understand how I feel".
But do you ever understand how a person feels to be taken away of all hopes of staying alive?

Try paying a visit to the hospital, do those people chose to be there?

Why fear death since it will come sooner or later?

Instead of wasting time in the fear, why not make full use of the time you have and live life to the fullest.
After all, we wouldn't know how much time we are left with.

Treasure all your family member and friends around you.
No one knows what will happen the next moment.

'Live as if you will die tomorrow, Dream as if you live forever'

Do pray with me, for all these people out there.
People who had fallen against the fight of illness.

Hoping that they will win this battle, win this battle that might last even for life.

Last but not least, I dedicate this post to both of my relative.
Hoping that one will wake up and be healthy again soon, and the other to have a successful surgery.

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