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What is forgiveness?

What happens if you don’t forgive?

Have you ever try asking yourself these 2 questions?

Forgiveness is when you are able to look at the person with whom you were so angry, and don’t feel the anger anymore.

Forgiveness is when you can look at the person in the eyes and say something like "So it happened. It’s over."

What if when you look at that person, you are still angry?
Or say something like "I’ll get even with you." and "How could you have done this to me?"
This means you’ve not forgiven yet.

You’re so mad with someone that you can hardly sleep at night.
You’ve been thinking “How could they do this to me!” or “I’ll never forgive them!” whole night.

Why should you forgive them when they did you wrong?

But do you know, if you don’t you’re actually doing yourself wrong.

Commonly, when you’ve not forgiven someone, you are in fact angry with that person.
Unlike forgiveness that involves only you and other party, anger can be harmful not only to you but also everyone around you.
(In another words, if you don’t forgive easily, it may means that you get angry easily)

Especially when anger gets in the way of your functioning or your relationships.
Anger can cause you to lose friends, or even put your job in jeopardy.

Do you know anger also tends to shut down the people who are around the angry person?
Angry people may find their relationship becoming less open because people are afraid to argue back. This can be devastating, and ruin relationships.

There may not be much physical side effect of anger, but there is clear evidence of increased blood pressure, and with increased blood pressure is a propensity towards a stroke.

All these are signs that your anger is getting in your way, and therefore it’s unhealthy.

Now, are you ready to forgive?
If not, are you ready to pay the consequences inside your body?

If a hammer hits a finger, it hurts.
If it gets hit hard enough, the bone breaks.
If it gets hit often enough, the cells die.

And getting angry often works the exact same way.

If you get angry, people around you pay for it.
If you get angry ‘hard’ enough, your life starts to break apart.
If you get angry often enough, your life becomes ‘dead’ when everyone starts to walk out on you.

So stop being angry now and start forgiving.

Get rid of your anger, and nurture your forgiveness.

Watch your health improve and your life change for the better.

Do this in regard to the people you work with, your family, your friends, your acquaintances.
Do this until it becomes automatic.

When you change your world, you change the world =)

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  1. FUN ROCKZ // March 23, 2008 at 7:35 PM  

    hi daniel!! i'm cathrina, i liked your blog very much as your views are all about daily lives and our inner feelings... i really love it..i'm putting ur link onto my blog...Loved ur writings..cya,..if possible leave a message in my blog too...

  2. DanieL // March 24, 2008 at 9:29 AM  

    Hi fun rockz, glad that you like it here =) if there's any topic you hope to read about, feel free to let me know and I'll share what's in my mind~
    Once again, thanks for dropping by and I'll drop by your site too~